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From the makers of the amazing products at LG (Life’s Good) we are proud to announce our partnership to bring you the best in product, performance, and labor.

We just made going solar a whole lot easier!

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Savings in your wallet and planet!

With Climax Solar, you’ll feel great about your decision to go with solar energy, knowing your investment is saving the planet, as well as creating a sustainable future for your finances.

It's easier than ever to start owning your energy. We help you cut utility costs and save thousands with our residential solutions package.

With the pinnacle of energy, Climax Solar unshackles you from the grips of energy corporations, and let's you turn back the needle on your meter to maximum savings!

Step 1

Find out if your home is the right fit. We’ll ask a few questions to see if you and your home qualify for residential solar panels. If you qualify, we’ll set up a time for one of our consultants to visit you at your home.

Step 2

Schedule Your Free Consultation. During the visit, our consultant will evaluate your shading and roof in person and take photos of your home as part of our site audit. Based on the results and an analysis of your energy usage, we’ll create a proposal tailored to your needs.

Step 3

Have your solar panels installed. Before you know it, we’ll make an appointment and you’ll have residential solar panels installed on your roof.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

5 / 5

"Top shelf service and installation. They use q-cell panels, best you can get. German engineered panels built in the USA, absolutely monster solar panels. We got a 24 panel system at 320-380w per panel. Best system on the market. I asked about batteries they told me to wait because the price is going to come down, who dose that? Very honest, very polite, very professional. Best instal crew I've ever seen!!!"

-Peter Carroll

5 / 5

"Climax Solar was extremely helpful and answered all my questions about solar. I was amazed that I could eliminate my electric bill, save money each month and protect the environment without a dollar out of my pocket. I would recommend anyone and everyone to Climax Solar."

-Taylor Lloyd

5 / 5

"Awesome experience all the way around very good product excellent prices"

-Jennifer Mason

Simply the best.

Our solar energy experts help set you up for energy independence that comes with a 25-year system warranty.

We're proud to be American made, nothing comes close to what we offer.

Schedule Your FREE Consultation. Be on your way to energy savings you've never imagined.