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LG is focused on the quality of every solar panel that enters the market with their name on it. At their manufacturing facilities, they are certain every product is manufactured with the materials are chosen under stringent quality control procedures. LG solar panels are tested at in-house and third party testing laboratories, and are regularly tested up to three times the IEC standards to ensure a robust module. LG's goal is to provide the highest possible quality so they can live up to their reputation as a trusted global brand.

That's why Climax Solar has gone platinum with LG.

LG Solar Panel NeON R
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Higher Power Outputs, Higher Efficiency Modules

The LG NeON® R is a high-power luxury solar panel featuring Back Contact Technology™. The advanced cell structure locates all of the module’s electrodes on the back side. No front-module electrodes are present to affect light capture. This also provides a sleek, modern appearance.
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LG Solar Panel Bifacial Product

BiFacial Product

LG's BiFacial modules capture light from above and below so they can generate energy from absorbed reflected light
LG Solar Panel Warranty


Our commitment to controlling every step of the manufacturing process from start to finish ensures that we build and deliver a quality product every time. Thanks to thorough testing processes, LG ensures that each module off the production line will perform well in real-world conditions. No solar modules leave our factory until our quality-control specialists approve their performance. LG’s high standards result in world-class products for our customers. That’s why we are able to offer an outstanding 25-year product warranty.


You want quality solar modules to power your home with clean energy for years, so your modules’ ability to generate the electricity you need over the long term is critical. All solar panels degrade over time, but LG’s products are built to experience low degradation rates. In fact after the first year of installation, our LG NeON® R model has a degradation rate of only -0.3% per year, and our NeON® 2 has a degradation rate of -0.33% per year


In the rare case that a module needs to be replaced or repaired, LG won’t just cover the cost of the materials; we’ll also cover labor costs up to $450.

When you choose LG solar products, you can feel confident that you are making a smart choice and investing in a quality product that will benefit your home for years to come.

Michigan Solar Benefits

To date, it’s true: Michigan hasn’t been at the forefront of solar power development in the United States. The Solar Energy Industries Association ranked Michigan 30th in solar energy for 2018 based on a variety of factors, including the number
of homes with installed solar (25,398), the percentage of electricity the state gets from solar (0.21%), and the number of solar jobs (4,196).

Still, there are plenty of Michiganders who would love to save money on their utility bills by going solar, especially since Michigan homeowners pay an average of 16 cents/kWh for electricity, more than 2 cents above the national average. Many people interested in solar are also motivated by the wish to do something positive for the environment. And although some people think solar power couldn’t work in a state known for cold, snowy winters, they couldn’t be more wrong. Detroit gets an average of 4.2 hours of full sun per day over the course of a year, certainly enough to support solar. Plus, solar panels actually perform well when it’s cold; in fact, cold temperatures typically improve panel output.

Michigan has Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) that require utilities to increase their production of energy from renewable energy sources, which encourages utilities to offer solar incentives to homeowners. Michigan has had an RPS law since 2008, and it was updated in 2016 to mandate 15% of all electricity must come from renewables by 2021.

So, if you live in Michigan and are considering installing solar panels, LG Solar salutes you! A number of programs are available to help you go solar and get the greatest value possible out of your solar investment.

Federal Incentives

As a way to promote clean and renewable energy, the federal government has put in place two nationwide solar incentives that are available to Michigan residents. Homeowners should apply for them shortly after installation is complete. Your LG
PRO installer can help you understand these incentives and how to apply.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit allows Americans in any state to deduct 26% of the cost of their residential solar installation from their federal taxes, dollar for dollar, through the end of 2020. The ITC then steps down to 22% for projects that begin construction in 2021. After 2021, the residential credit is scheduled to drop to zero, although a commercial and utility credit will remain. So lock in your ITC advantage by going solar now!

Customers of a public utility can save money at tax time because the money, credits or subsidies they earn are not taxable.

Why LG?

LG is a bankable brand, and bankability is critical in the solar industry.

When you go solar with LG, you have peace of mind. As a multi-billion dollar company with a reliable track record, we will be here for every year of the 25-year warranties that back our solar modules—and for years beyond that.

25 Advantages of LG

All LG Solar modules are designed for high efficiency

LG Solar provides high-efficiency modules that generate more power from the same amount of sunlight than lowerefficiency modules of the same size. That extra efficiency enables the modules to produce the same amount of energy with 60 cells as many modules produce with 72 cells. High-efficiency modules are an advantage on smaller roofs or on roofs that experience some shading. They can also leave room for array expansion in the future.

25 Advantages of LG

LG Solar warranties are among the strongest in the industry.

LG solar modules are backed by a limited 25-year warranty. Not only do we offer product and performance coverage, but we also cover up to $450 in labor costs in the rare case that a module needs repair or replacement.

25 Advantages of LG

NeON® 2 solar modules are assembled in the United States.

LG is committed to investing in the economy and workforce of the United States. We recently opened a solar module assembly plant in Huntsville, Alabama. The plant created 160 new jobs in that community. We are proud that 500 MegaWatts of LG NeON® 2 modules are now being manufactured annually in the United States. Additional inventory will be supplied from our South Korea factory when needed.

25 Advantages of LG

LG shares your commitment to environmental protection and sustainable communities.

When you purchase LG Solar modules, you can feel good about buying from a company that shares your environmental commitment and concerns. LG globally has committed to three over-arching goals: intelligent lifestyle, realizing a zero carbon and circular economy and creating a better society. One of the steps we’ve taken is to follow sustainable practices in our solar manufacturing facilities. No ozone-depleting substances are used in the manufacturing of our modules. There are no ozone-depleting materials in our manufacturing supply chain, either

25 Advantages of LG

LG has developed modules that produce power during the late afternoon hours, when you are most likely to be home using appliances.

If your utility charges Time-of-Use rates, electricity from the grid might cost more in the late afternoons, so our modules will save you even more money

25 Advantages of LG