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Financing Options

For Climax Solar customers, we offer valuable financing that meets your needs. We believe solar energy should be affordable, which is why our solar panel financial program is designed to help you add solar so you can start saving money and our planet. Our solar financing offers you and your family the possibility to:

  • Save More
  • Begin With $0 Up-Front Cost
  • Own Your Power

Make a significant impact when you start saving money by adding solar power today.

Take A Loan

Own your solar system and pay for it with a loan. Perfect for families that want to start saving money by cutting down their electric bills without having to think of a down payment.

  • $0 down payment
  • 100% financing

The highlights of our loan financing include zero down payment and 100% financing for qualified customers. Some customers will notice their new electric bill in conjunction with their solar payment will be lower than their old bill. With our loan financing program, you will quickly see the savings accumulate.

Once your new solar energy system is paid off, the savings will soar. No need to worry about pre-payment penalties, at ClimaxSolar we believe you should own your power, which is why you can pay for your system as fast as you want. The loan financing may be obtained through your own sources or ours, lenders who know solar.

or Pay In Full

Own your ClimaxSolar system and pay for it fully.

Perfect for families looking to maximize the return on investment of their solar energy system. From Day 1, your new electric bill means dramatic savings and cash back in your pocket year after year.

  • Maximize your savings by buying the solar system directly from ClimaxSolar
  • Take advantage of home equity loans which may be tax-deductible

By purchasing your solar system, you will see major savings from Day 1. Over time, your new solar system will pay for itself through your electric bill savings.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

5 / 5

"Top shelf service and installation. They use q-cell panels, best you can get. German engineered panels built in the USA, absolutely monster solar panels. We got a 24 panel system at 320-380w per panel. Best system on the market. I asked about batteries they told me to wait because the price is going to come down, who dose that? Very honest, very polite, very professional. Best instal crew I've ever seen!!!"

-Peter Carroll

5 / 5

"Climax Solar was extremely helpful and answered all my questions about solar. I was amazed that I could eliminate my electric bill, save money each month and protect the environment without a dollar out of my pocket. I would recommend anyone and everyone to Climax Solar."

-Taylor Lloyd

5 / 5

"Awesome experience all the way around very good product excellent prices"

-Jennifer Mason

Simply the best.

Our solar energy experts help set you up for energy independence that comes with a 25-year system warranty.

We're proud to be American made, nothing comes close to what we offer.

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